Article written by Bill

Huntsville->New Orleans->Birmingham->Austin->Dublin, Ireland
Can’t sing->Sing->Play guitar->Sing and play guitar at the same time
Eat->Eat and Cook->Eat, cook and read about cooking->Eat, cook, read and play guitar at the same time (not really)

5 responses to “The City Kitchen King Prawn, Chicken and Chorizo Paella”

  1. lisaiscooking

    No saffron?! Unforgivable! I do like the “nothing nasty” commitment though.

  2. debs

    I have to disagree, this is one of the best paellas I have tried, and I’ve tried lots!!

  3. Ceri

    I’v just had a City Kitchen Shredded Hoisin Duck Noodles. The spring onions were as tough as old boots. It was so salty, even though it only claims to have 0.8g salt equivalent, that I had to have a glass of water to get rid of the saltiness.

    As ready meals go (I’m very fussy and perfer to cook myself) it was not the worst I have had. However, the saltiness has put me off trying any of their other meals. They might be healthy in a “balanced” diet – carbs, protein and veg kind of way, but I am sure that, even though I like salt, the ammount of salt is VERY unhealthy. It is so salty you can taste it – it’s not “hidden” salt.

    Sorry City Kitchen, won’t be trying you again.

  4. Dre

    I just tried this and agree with Bill, however my rice was chewy. The sweet sauce was nice but did seem out of place. Also I loved the box it comes in as they are useful to have. I’ll be eating another of their meals I think, especially as they are 2 for £6.50.

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