Article written by Bill

Huntsville->New Orleans->Birmingham->Austin->Dublin, Ireland
Can’t sing->Sing->Play guitar->Sing and play guitar at the same time
Eat->Eat and Cook->Eat, cook and read about cooking->Eat, cook, read and play guitar at the same time (not really)

4 responses to “Superquinn Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese Lasagna”

  1. Paulo

    Did you ever wanted to see how Bill reviews it’s meals?
    Does he use a Ipad, a Dictaphone or something else to record his notes?
    His he alone or surrounded be people that keep asking annoying questions and distract him all the time?
    Check it out at the “behind the scenes” picture:

  2. Paulo

    Do the instructions on this meal state that it is not suitable to microwave?

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